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Jis simrat sabh kilvikh naaseh 

pitree ho-eh odaaro 

So har har tum sad heejaapho 

jaa kaa ant na paaro

Putaa maataa kee aasees 

nimakh na bisaro tum kau har har.

Sadaa bhajho jagdees (Rahaau)

Satgur tum kau hoeh dyaalaa 

santsang tayree preet 

Kaapar(d) pat parmaysar raakhee 

bhojan keertan neet 

Amrit peevho sadaa chir jeevho 

har simrat anad anant 

Rang tamaasaa pooran aasaa kabeh na biaapai chintaa

Bhavar tumaaraa eho man hovau 

har charnaa ho-ho kaulaa 

Nanak daas on sang laptaaio 

jeeo boondeh chaatrik maulaa

”The purpose of the mother is to serve and support the soul of the child so that it has a chance to attain liberation in this lifetime. The purpose of the child is to understand this chance and do her best to fulfill it. Any other relationship between the mother and child is maya, a worldly trap. If the relationship becomes one of ego and too much attachment, both the mother and the child create karma for themselves. If the relationship is one of projective prayer on the part of the mother for the highest spiritual destiny of her child; and if the child can receive that prayer and deliver it, both are liberated. Not only that, when a child reaches the state that is described in this shabad, seven generations before and after attain liberation as well. What higher hope and prayer can there be for one’s baby?” ~ 3ho.com

”In reciting this Shabad eleven times a day we can effect the vibratory frequency of how we feel in relationship to our children and thereby provide for them an energy field of our beings that is in a state of calm, and prayer.” ~Snatam Kaur on blog.spiritvoyage.com

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